How Will You Spend Saturday Afternoon?

Mar 28, 2013 | Miscellaneous

On Air TagSaturdays mean different things to different people. For most—not all, but most—Saturday is a day off from work. You might spend the day running some errands, working around the house, doing family activities, etc. It’s a day to catch up on life.

But what if it could be a day not just for catching up, but for actually getting ahead?

What if you could spend just 20-30 minutes listening to something that would give you a leg-up on some of the tools you need to improve your family, marriage, business, and more?

A little over a year ago, we started something that has allowed me to be able to interact with people in a way that I had previously been able to interact with only my closest friends…

An interactive podcast was born… In the Loop with Andy Andrews was created in order that, together, you and I might be able to carefully think through some of life’s toughest (and sometimes funniest) challenges.

Every Saturday, we release a new episode…and to you, they are all absolutely free! We’re 77 episodes in at this point, and I really think we’re just getting started.

If you’re looking for ways to seek wisdom, there aren’t many that are easier or faster than listening to a good podcast. It doesn’t even have to be mine, but, if you’re on this website, I am assuming that you will really enjoy In the Loop.

In the past year, we’ve had guests on like:

We’ve even had teachers like Jeanine Ferguson and Melinda Leake, who have talked about some of the innovative ways they’ve discovered to connect with kids.

We just surpassed 350,000 downloads, so there are already tons of people participating in what we do every week. I take their questions and most often go in the direction they suggest. I want you to join them. I want to hear and answer your questions (which we accept 24/7).

If the word “podcast” sounds too technical, don’t worry! You actually don’t need anything fancy in order to listen to the episodes. In fact, you can listen to them right here on If you’re on our email list, we’ll send you a link to the page every Saturday around noon (Central time). From there, you can listen at your convenience, anytime you wish.

For those of you who use iTunes, you can subscribe to the podcast and have it download automatically each week by going here. Again, this is free!

And remember, you can listen to these episodes any time you want…on the drive to work in the morning…early, before anyone else is awake…or at night when the family has gone to bed. You can make this happen! We want you to be a part of the conversation.

Every day, every hour, each of us makes a choice…

How will you spend your time?


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