Call Me Hunter with Jim Shockey

Aug 29, 2023 | The Professional Noticer

On this week’s episode of The Professional Noticer, Andy hosts the man known as the Michael Jordan of outdoor sports: Jim Shockey – adventurer, wilderness outfitter, television producer, host, and author of Call Me Hunter.

Tune in to hear Jim share some fascinating stories about his life and the idea behind his new thriller, Call Me Hunter. You’ll learn how old he was when he wrote the first line, and how much of the story is actually true! (hint: it reads like a biography!) Listen as he explains what compelled him to open the Hand of Man Museum of Natural History, Cultural Arts, and Conservation in Vancouver, BC, how it connects to his novel, who he’d choose to portray his characters on the big screen if given the opportunity, and much, much more!

Available October 17, 2023
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