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The Veteran’s Administration has requested more than 10,000 Andy Andrews books to use as gifts to veterans, their families, and VA employees. Andy is teaming up with you to make this happen. For every $10 you donate, a book will be given in your name to this extremely worthy cause!


For many years, The Veteran’s Administration has occasionally provided books from a variety of authors for veterans, their families, and employees of the VA.  Recently, officials reached out to say that because of the overwhelming response to Andy Andrews books specifically, they wish to provide his titles in particular.  Therefore, we are asking Andy’s sponsor’s and friends to allow him to team up with you in providing these books!

Veteran’s Administration officials are asking us to begin with a goal of 10,000. Knowing there are 23.5 million United States Veterans, we’d like to pass the first goal quickly. The books you provide will be hardcover and the titles will vary, but include The Traveler’s Gift, The Noticer, The Heart Mender, The Seven Decisions, and others.

Here’s how it will work: For every $10 you donate, a hardcover book will be sent to The Veteran’s Administration in Washington, DC in your name. You can add any multiple of $10. to the cart containing your order from or create a cart without an order that contains only your donation.

You will not have to do anything else! will take it from there. Your $10 includes the cost of the hardcover book, handling, and shipping. Your name, business or organization will be listed in a special section of as thanks and recognition for your participation.

  • Donations of up to 9 books—Ruby Level Sponsors
  • Donation of books between 10 and 99—Bronze Level Sponsors
  • Donation of books between 100 and 499—Silver Level Sponsors
  • Donation of books between 500 and 999—Gold Level Sponsors
  • Donation of books between 1000 and 4999—Platinum Level Sponsors 
  • Donation of 5,000 and above—Diamond Level Sponsors


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The first book I read by Andy Andrews was “The Noticer” back in 2011. I truly credit a great deal of my success and positive thinking to this book. During a very dark time of my life this book helped to save me.  Since then I have read several other books by Andy and am constantly recommending them to friends, peers, and leaders. 

During the pandemic I saw firsthand the negative affects the crisis was having on people, so that got me thinking ‘How can I help change the way people are viewing others and the events in their lives?’ I once again thought of Andy. At that moment I sent an email to Andy asking if he would be willing to support my mission of getting these books into the hands of our Veterans and staff at the VA hospital here in Richmond, Virginia. He did not hesitate to assist. 

We have since planned an event for August (provided we have opened back up to the public!) to get these books out to as many people as possible, and for Andy to help coach both Veterans and Staff. We can’t wait to take part in this mission. Thank you so much for your support!

Kristy René Coie-Day

Chief, Center for Development & Civic Engagement, Central Virginia VA Health Care System


10,000 Book Goal

Ruby Level Sponsors
  • Tammy Bryant
  • Dru Jackson
  • Christopher Olsen
  • Yvonne Palmer
  • Caleb Holgerson
  • Kelly Bryant
  • Sheryl Prindle
  • Kristen Scott
  • Cynthia Underwood
  • Joy Walker
  • Nancy Adams
  • Cathy Stone
  • Michael Auffret
  • Ann Knight
  • Mike Steinhauer
  • The Harris Family
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  • Carolyn Mullins
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  • Donna Wikberg
  • Ellen Havlik
  • Katherina Davis
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  • Carolyn La Mascus
  • Nancy Deeck
  • Nancy Cofield
  • Sharon Brown
  • Joy Walker
  • Troy Curtis
  • Donna Wikberg
  • Kristi Rooney
  • Sally Myers
  • Kim Pietrucki
  • Joy Dierkes
  • Elizabeth McCartney
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Sandra Gaines
  • Marcy Taylor
  • Pauleen Evans
  • Senetha Houck
  • Christina Stano
  • Bobbie Manion
  • Brenda Welborn
  • Hava Wall
  • Sylvia Oathout
  • Luke Fischer
  • Craig Parks
  • Eva-Jean Hodge
  • Myra Woods
  • Thom Johnson
  • Dianna Lawrence
  • Ellen Havlik
  • Terri Sullivan
  • Karen Cravens
  • Shawna Martin
  • Susy McAdams
  • Pam Schapiro
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  • Teri Fladstol
  • Judy Bang
  • Tamra Poston
  • Dennis Ashley
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  • Elaine Williams
  • Robert Epperly
  • Marycatherine Mathis
  • Patricia Kappen
  • Jeff Gill
  • Cecilia Rowe
  • Johanna Clemons
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  • Barbara Rosenke-Sweeney
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