My Favorite Perfect Moments

Jun 6, 2012 | Writing

I recently released a brand new eBook for free called The Perfect Moment: Capturing Life’s Greatest Gifts. It’s a a true story about a regular afternoon I experienced with my 8-year-old son that changed my life forever.

I’ve been truly amazed and humbled by the responses we’ve been getting on Facebook and Twitter from people sharing their own perfect moments they’ve experienced after reading the book, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites with all of you. These are proof that perfect moments really are all around us!

If you don’t have the book yet, go here to get it. I want all of you to start noticing these perfect moments. And when you do, please share them!

If you’re already on the e-mail list and didn’t receive your copy, just send an e-mail to and we’ll send it your way!

Your Perfect Moments:

“I got together with my brothers for a round of golf. My younger brother will soon be deploying to Afghanistan. It wasn’t hard at all to stop and recognize the perfect moments. It was a perfect day.”

Darrell Reynolds – Facebook

“Decided to stay home with my 2 1/2 year old son… He’s feeling better now and we got to discuss his favorite part of a happy meal. ‘Perfect moment’. Thanks”

Nate Gustafson – Facebook

“Having a #perfectmoment with the family right now homemade pretend cookies from my little girls @AndyAndrews”

BradycorseATC @BradynJoy – Twitter

“Enjoying a ‘perfect moment’ this am with Ana & the pups in the backyard reading ‘The Perfect Moment’ by @AndyAndrews”

Jared Maidenberg @LeveragedLife – Twitter

“@AndyAndrews @akadaveo ‘The Perfect Moment’ free e-book was short, but WOW! The quest at the end will straighten out anyone’s perspective!”

Jael Zebulun @Jetadorecher – Twitter

“BEAUTIFUL… Must say it brought a smile to my face as well as tears to my eyes because so many times we do forget to notice. ‘The Perfect Moment’…… Thanks Andy!….Mis talking to ya!…..Karo the syrup queen…lol :D”

Karen Stanford WIlliams – Facebook

“I just had a ‘perfect moment’–thank you for the wonderful reminder how beautiful life is. I have, I think, all your books and they are such a blessing! The Lord bless you, Polly and the boys!”

Twila Thomlinson – Facebook

“Hey, THANK YOU for ‘Perfect Moments’. My husband read it, and it went straight to his heart! He’s been spending a lot more time with us and it has been so wonderful!”

Kimberly Ralph – Facebook

“Thanks for the E-book. I am beginning to notice more of my personal perfect moments.”

Norah Coxwell – Facebook

“You’re right, of course. Or maybe I should say Austin was right. It’s started already my noticing the ‘perfect moments’. I read your E-book last night at bedtime and woke up noticing good sounds in my ears and good thoughts in my head. This WILL change my life. Example: ‘Awakening to the sound of a light Spring rain outside my bedroom window.’ Much better than, ‘Oh Gosh, what have I got on my list of to-dos today?’ Thank you Andy and Austin!!”

Renee Badertscher – Facebook

What perfect moments have YOU experienced lately? Tell us about them in the comments!


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