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May 18, 2012 | Writing

I needed to travel and to get far away from Joey and Tioga sounded the best place for me: lakes and nature all around me would help me a lot , I was pretty sure, But there was something that I still wanted and this were my favorite casino games. Well, my story with the casino games is pretty long, I started to feel some interest in poker only when I was 17. By that time, I didn’t know the rules and I was only attracted by the atmosphere of poker tables. So I started to learn about this game, I can suggest everyone to prefer video tutorials to any other form of explanation because the video shows you the phases of a poker hand session in all the details and this is surely better if you really want to learn how to play poker fast and safe!

So Joey had come back into my life and I was still uncertain about my current feelings for him. What I thought would be mere ignorance proved to be something different, but I was still not able to put my finger on what it was just yet. I guess I needed more time to figure things out. And Joey was planning on staying in town for a while, so I had no reason to rush into things.


Joey called me on my cell about half an hour after I had kicked him out the door (after he, again, wanted to borrow money to gamble).He wanted to say just how sorry he was and that he was desperate, that he had been confronting with some huge debts and that he urgently needed all the help he could get. When I heard just how desperate he truly was, I decided to ask him to come see me the next day. I made some coffee and I braced myself for what was about to come. He arrived just on time, so I guess he did manage to change some of his bad habits – not the most annoying ones, apparently. So he started to tell me that he started from the europa casino review to play his slot gambling activities. He told me he got all of his information from this web site and that he was pleased to discover just how advantageous it was to use some of the casinos this place was talking about.

Then he told me about more reviews and the fact that the current promotion there was simply impossible to resist. So he, again, asked for some money to borrow.




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