Podcast Episode 209: How to Create the Future You Want by Vision-Casting Today

Oct 31, 2015 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, I talk about how to cast a vision for your marriage, family, and finances.


Casting a vision is critical.

  • This is a very powerful tool, and if you’re not doing this with your family, you’re missing out.
  • You don’t just stumble your way into greatness and awesome results.
  • I sat down with Austin when he was 13 and asked, “Have you ever noticed how many kids are alike in what they do after graduating school?”
  • There are variations on the theme, but people pretty much do the same (usually average) things and get the same (usually average) results.
  • You must visualize a long-term target to shoot for.


A lot of people say “I’m just doing the best I can” when asked where they’re going in life.

  • Doing the best you can is not a standard.
  • That effort and direction can vary by the hour and does not get you anywhere specific.
  • You want your life to instead be an arrow with kinetic energy that will force its way into places that others would not get into.
  • Whatever you believe your potential to be, you’ll never achieve beyond it because that belief is so powerful.


Tune in to hear the method and questions to ask yourself that will help you cast a complete vision for all aspects of your life.


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