How to Keep Technology from Ruling Your Child’s Mind

Dec 19, 2013 | Culture/Society, Family

In this video blog, I answer an important reader question:


How much access to technology do you give your children? At what point should kids get their own cell phones, computers, etc?



My kids’ access to technology:

  • My oldest son didn’t get a cell phone until he was well into his thirteenth year.
  • Most of his peers already had cell phones for years at that point.
  • They play video games maybe a couple hours per month when they’re at my sister’s house.


You might be thinking…Don’t they gripe and beg to play games?

  • No, they don’t…because we do things together as a family that they really like to do.
  • Your imagination can dream up things that are so much cooler to your kids than technology.
  • If all you do is sit there and read a newspaper, your kids aren’t going to find that enjoyable. They’ll find something else to do.


What we did about cell phones:

  • We told Austin that when he needed to have a phone, he could get a phone.
  • However, when he was younger, he was always around other adults, so there was no need for the phone.
  • When Austin was 13, he read The Noticer Returns and decided he wanted to create a business based on what he knew about the citrus trees we grow at our house.
  • When the business was ready to launch, he said he needed a phone so he could put a number on the website (it’s if you want to check it out).
  • That’s when I knew it was the right time.



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