The Benefits of Setting Standards in Your Life

Jan 9, 2014 | Culture/Society, Family

In this video blog, I discuss one of the most important concepts our society needs to grasp:


What “standards” do we need to set in our lives?



Video Notes


A standard is an agreed-upon level of achievement that stands alone.

  • There can only be one standard in a given category of life.
  • For example, there is a standard in parenting, in finances, in marriage, etc.


In our society today, parents have agreed to disagree.

  • There is one parent group that is fine with their children dressing however they want.
  • The other extreme says that kids must follow a strict dress code—dresses must touch the floor, hair can only be so long, etc.
  • These are both standards on the extreme sides of the spectrum.
  • Due to the fact that there are so many standards, the reality is that there is no standard.
  • What happens to a society with no standards?


Rather than imposing a standard, what you and I have to do is to show the benefits of the standards that we have chosen for our lives.

  • The results of the way we parent, the way we manage our finances, the way we behave in our relationships, can prove the benefits of the standards we have chosen to the rest of society.


In The Noticer Returns, Jones reveals that, as much as we disagree, there was a time in recent history when we were the best we ever were.

  • You can trace the rise of that generation, and the decline that has occurred since.
  • They were the best because they had established a standard in every area of life.




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