The Key to Developing Trust in Your Marriage

Dec 12, 2013 | Family

Trust is the most critical element in a healthy marriage. In this video, I explain how to build it and how to restore it if it is broken.



The most important thing: don’t break that trust in the first place.


However, if trust has been broken, patience and an attention to detail is required.

  • Trust must be restored, which will take a long time.
  • Forgiveness is the first step to restoring a marriage.
  • Trust, however, comes after forgiveness. Forgiveness does not instantly create trust. It must be built back up with patience and attention to detail.
  • Patience has to keep you from saying things like, “When are you ever going to get over this?”
  • You have to exhibit at least as much patience as they are exhibiting in trying to trust you again.
  • Attention to detail means avoiding any appearance of crossing a line.


How is trust created and cemented before anything goes wrong?

  • Attention to detail is important here too.
  • You have to actively seek out ways to avoid giving your spouse reasons to doubt you.
  • For example, when I travel to speak, I don’t ride in a car alone with a woman or go eat at a restaurant alone with a woman.
  • Whether you think so or not, people are watching you.


You may think this is too much attention to detail.

I disagree—marriage is a cornerstone of your life. It affects everything you do. Attention to detail is essential.



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