Podcast Episode 191: Respect: The Often-Ignored Gateway to Influence, Happiness, and Success

Jun 27, 2015 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question on how the boys and I go out of our way to make sure Polly feels respected.


Before we get into some of the specific ways we honor Polly, let me tell you why we think these things are important in the first place.

  • We want to provide an advantage for our children when they are adults.
  • The way you act in your home and when you let your guard down is the way you will act in critical moments.
  • We want to do the same positive things over and over again.
  • There are little bitty things you can do to make your home a happier place.


I love asking HR people and CEOs how they narrow down their search for new managers.

  • They’ll put the word out for a new position and let’s say you get 400 appli You bump most out immediately and have maybe 30 left.
  • You’re now seriously looking at resumes. The next round of 6 to 10 people is personal interviews. Now you’re down to 3 people and they’re all basically the same on paper.
  • You would be shocked at how many times their next step is, “I take them to dinner and watch them.” They will see who holds the door, who stands up when anybody comes to the table, how they shake hands, and how they treat the wait staff and each other.
  • Everything you do matters.


Since a lot of the time Polly is preparing the food, she is the last one to the table.

  • We will stand until she sits down and if she gets up, we will stand up again.
  • Also, if we are out to eat and someone comes over to the table, the boys and I stand up whether it’s a man or woman because you are honoring the presence of that person.
  • It may be unnecessary but it certainly is respectful.
  • We also hold Polly’s chair.
  • The boys learned at a very early age that ladies always go through the door


Ive asked the boys, How do you want your mom to feel? Do you want her to feel like the queen and that you respect and appreciate her so much?


Tune in to the full episode to hear how to make sure your mother or wife knows you are thinking about her leading up to birthdays or holidays, and how to prepare your children to notice the kinds of things they should look for in a future spouse.


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