My All-Time Favorite Books

Nov 7, 2013 | Writing

Many readers have written in asking what my all-time favorite books are. In this video post, I name a few favorites and explain why it’s so important to read both nonfiction and fiction.



Video Notes:


My favorites are all over the map.

  • I started getting serious about books when Jones started giving me biographies.
  • Those biographies got me started reading in a way I’d never read before.


I read both fiction and nonfiction.

  • For some reason, many people seem to look down on fiction, but you need both.
  • Nonfiction books teach you facts; fiction, however, will fire you imagination in a way nonfiction never can. They allow you to use knowledge in different contexts.


One of my favorite fiction authors is Nelson DeMille because of the way he writes dialogue.


Bernard Cornwell is a great storyteller, so I read him to learn how to tell stories.

  • He writes stories from the Middle Ages, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, etc.


What are some of YOUR favorite books?



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