The Andy Andrews Law of Inverse Proportion

Dec 14, 2011 | Business

Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between “this” and “that”?  

Math TagI am often curious about why “happenings” that are really quite opposite seem to run in tandem.  For instance, do you sometimes seem the most tired when your kids are the most energetic?  I call this the “Andy Andrews Law of Inverse Proportion” because I see it so many times in my life.  YOU, of course, may feel free to name it after yourself!  Whatever we call it, I have a feeling you and I will enjoy reading whatever everyone comes up with so pitch in here with your ideas.  Your Law of Inverse Proportion can be applied in many ways.  

Here are a couple to get us started before we turn your creativity loose:

  • A)   How quickly a company discontinues a new product making it “no longer available”… is inversely proportional to how much I liked the product in the first place.
  • B)  In the grocery store, how slowly my checkout line moves…  is inversely proportional to how fast the line is moving that I almost chose.
  • C)  How much a person sitting beside me on an airplane wants to talk… is inversely proportional to how tired I am at that particular moment.

Get the idea?  Okay, your turn!  How does your life demonstrate the Law of Inverse Proportion?


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