Is Your Sweater Too Small?

Mar 14, 2013 | Family

sweaterIt was a struggle.

Adam, my 10-year-old son, was twisting, pulling, and pushing without making much progress.

I watched from his bedroom door, trying to determine whether it was time for me to intervene or not. After it became absolutely clear that he was not giving up, I stifled my laughter and finally spoke.

“Adam,” I asked, “is that sweater too small?”

His eyes peaked out from just above the collar. “No sir,” he answered. “I’ve been wearing it for years.”

Much later, I wondered…

How many things in our lives have we been “wearing for years” that just don’t fit anymore?

Maybe it’s a friendship you’ve outgrown.

Maybe it’s that desk job with the comfortable salary that just doesn’t seem so fulfilling anymore.

Maybe it’s the limitations you have placed upon your future.

With the sweater, Adam didn’t have a choice. He won’t be getting any smaller, and the sweater won’t be getting any bigger. He had to leave it behind.

You, on the other hand, have more than just a choice—you have an opportunity. Evaluate your situation. Is it time to move on?

The only way to squander this opportunity is to do nothing.

This is your chance. What will YOU do?


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