How to Get Your Kids to Read

May 2, 2013 | Family

Q&A: How Do You Get Your Children Excited About Reading?

If you want to get your kids excited about reading, get them excited about a story.

  • Focus on the exciting “story” element of what you want them to read, as opposed to just focusing on the task of reading.
  • Andy’s 10-year-old is currently reading Where the Red Fern Grows. It’s a great story that really resonates with kids.
  • Andy has found that true stories get his kids even more excited.

Reading out loud is another good way to get kids into reading.

  • Reading out loud is a great activity with which you can get the whole family involved.
  • You can each act out different voices in the book.
  • You could even dress up as characters from a book. Get creative!
  • It will take a little bit of time and effort, but you can absolutely get your kids more excited about reading.

Talk to them about the lessons they learn from what they read.

  • Value their thinking.

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