Podcast Episode 186: The Secret to Building Your Self-Confidence (Hint: You CAN Control It)

May 23, 2015 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question on how to influence your level of belief.


I think everyone struggles with belief in themselves at one point or another; a strong belief is something you must constantly maintain.

  • Having a great level of belief is so powerful.
  • When you are working with belief, you will become so much more effective in whatever you are working on or struggling with.


You have to remember that every choice youll ever make is totally determined by what you think and how long you think about it.

  • You direct your belief the same way you direct your thinking.
  • It’s determined by what you watch, what you read, and the people you spend time with.
  • Thinking logically to a wrong conclusion is something you can catch and overcome.
  • Thinking logically to an incomplete conclusion is trickier: you’re getting results, but they’re not the best results and can keep you on the wrong path indefinitely.


Tune in to the full episode to hear how Andy kept up his level of belief while 51 publishers rejected The Travelers Gift.  


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