Podcast Episode 187: The Truth About Your Potential, and How to Keep Getting Better

May 30, 2015 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question on how I’ve learned more about the Seven Decisions since writing The Travelers Gift.


I am kind of shocked that, at some point, most of the stuff I talked about in the Seven Decisions seminars were things I learned after writing The Travelers Gift.

  • At first I thought of the concept of the principles like a rock, but now I think of it more like an onion.
  • You can know how to use a principle, and change the world with it! But there are other layers that can be peeled away to expose new potential.
  • It’s not enough to know what works; you have to know why it works.
  • When you know why a principle works as it does, you can use it in different areas of your life or business—even when they seem to have no connection to one another.


A hallmark of successful people is that they always want to be better.

  • That’s a healthy attitude to have, toward one’s self and one’s work.
  • When you want to increase your effectiveness, a lot of it has to do with your mentality.
  • Take golf, for example. There is a certain amount of talent that a person has to have to be a successful golfer, but what sets those at the highest level of the sport apart is usually something mental.


I really believe that no matter where you find yourself in life, there is more.

  • When I started doing the Seven Decisions seminars, it was a 3-hour event, and I was using that time to explain everything I knew.
  • Now, I could do at least an hour and a half on each decision.


Tune in to the full episode to hear how Andys golf cart ride with a golfing legend further illustrated to him that mentality can be more powerful than experience or expertise.


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