Podcast Episode 165: The Source of Your Unlimited Potential (Hint: Anyone Can Do This)

Dec 27, 2014 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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In previous episodes, I’ve talked about how you can only achieve the level of success that you truly believe. This week, I’ll tell you how you can expand this level of belief.


When you have an expanded level of belief in yourself, it allows you a different level of belief in others.

  • Money is a very easy way to provide a gauge.
  • I’ve found that if you can expand your level of belief in other areas, your money goes up—largely because you have become more valuable to other people.


Sometimes people ask if I really believe that anyone can be successful.

  • I don’t just believe it. I know you can.
  • I know that because I was the guy in the ditch.
  • Do you think God made any person thinking they’ll never be able to do anything, or thinking they’ll be a failure from the beginning? No.


There is a huge level of belief that you can grab ahold of, but it will come about by shaping how you think.

  • Your beliefs are totally governed by how you think.
  • How you think is determined by what you subject yourself to (books, movies, people you spend time with).
  • Choose wisely what goes into your mind and your presence.


Your level of belief will not be expanded in a day. It will be expanded daily.

  • I think expanding your belief has to do with your relationship with God and your purpose.
  • You should spend time determining what will move you forward and what things you can ease out of your life.


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