How to Make Tough Decisions: A Process That Works…Featuring 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Oct 27, 2016 | Business, Personal Growth

Decisions—they sound simple until you’re faced with a crucial one. Then, you remember that making them is one of the toughest things about life.

You can feel the pressure building with each passing second.

What if I choose the wrong thing? What if my decision hurts someone?

Every single person has struggled with this conundrum—myself included.

Over the years, however, I have developed a determining factor for making final decisions on major changes or moves.

This determining factor lies in the answers to three simple questions. It gives me the direction I need to make decisions quickly and confidently.

I believe it can do the same for you.

Remember: Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Unsuccessful people make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.

My 3-Question Decision-Making Process for Life’s Toughest Choices

1. Is this something that will be good for God?

Good questions yield answers that offer a different perspective on the decision you’re facing.

This question will recalibrate you around the larger purpose surrounding everything you do.

A “yes” or “no” to this question can heavily weigh your decision one way or the other. That’s why I listed it first—it’s the best place to start.

2. Will this help people who are hurting?

We were all put on this Earth for a reason. Our purpose in life is to help others with the gifts we are given, which is why question #2 is crucial.

If I do x instead of y, will it have a positive, negative, or neutral impact on others?

You want to always make a positive impact on others.

3. Is someone else already doing this?

I’m not referring to writing a book on the same subject someone else has already written about.

I’m talking about asking if someone is doing the thing you are considering doing in the exact same way.

Why spend your time doing something people have already seen? If your choice does not involve your unique perspective, skills, and talents—and yes, you do have those things—you should likely pursue something else.

We’ve all been given a purpose, so let’s be diligent in fulfilling it!

Caution: 1 Thing You Must Never Overlook

Obviously, these questions are not foolproof. Fools can ask them and reach foolish conclusions. That’s why it’s important to always seek wisdom.

(By the way, you likely found this blog post as a result of seeking wisdom, so obviously you are not a fool. So let the rest of this section be encouragement to continue your quest!)

You must always relentlessly seek wisdom with major decisions—King Solomon said that we should seek wisdom like we’re searching for lost treasure.

That’s why I created my personal board of directors: people from whom I seek wisdom on a daily basis. Putting your own board together is easier than you might think. Surprisingly, some of the people on mine probably have no idea they are even on it!

All you have to do is keep in close contact with people you consider wise. When you need to seek advice, simply ask them what they have done in comparable situations.

Making Tough Decisions Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

The simple reason we usually make tough decisions harder than they need to be is that we lack a good decision-making process or framework.

This process has worked well for me, and I hope it does for you as well. Write it down, test it, and adapt it to yourself as needed.

If you answer these three questions and seek wisdom, difficult decisions will become much easier.


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