The Secrets to Turning an Idea Into a Business

Apr 4, 2013 | Business

In this video blog, Andy answers a reader question:

How do you take a great idea and actually make a business out of it?

To start a business from an idea, you have to figure out one thing: what value does that idea have to other people?

  • It’s not necessarily about how much money the idea can make. Instead, focus on whether it translates into something people need or want.
  • Ideas turn into business simply because they have proven value and that they meet an actual need people have.

For the business to succeed, it’s important that people find out about it.

  • Do what you have to do to spread the word, even if that means giving something away when you’re just getting started.

You have to do things beyond what everyone else is doing in order to prove your value.

  • If you’re starting a landscaping business, you can’t just put an ad or a business card in a restaurant and expect clients to start knocking down your door.
  • Find creative ways to get the value your business provides in front of the faces of prospective customers.

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