The Past Unveiled with Alex Kershaw

Jan 8, 2024 | The Professional Noticer

On this week’s episode of The Professional Noticer, Andy hosts Alex Kershaw – New York Times best-selling author of twelve books, including The Longest WinterThe Bedford BoysThe First WaveThe Liberator and most recently, Against All Odds

Tune in to hear Alex delve into the story of what led him to pursue a writing career, why he gravitated towards history as his primary focus, and what his creative process is. Gain insights as he shares the backstory of The Bedford Boys, and sheds light on the individual he deems the “CEO of War.”   

Additionally, listen as Alex describes his impactful role as resident historian for the Friends of the National World War II Memorial and his goal for young Americans. 

Preorder: Patton’s Prayer, A True Story of Courage, Faith, and Victory in World War II

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