The Braveheart of Creativity with Randall Wallace

Dec 12, 2023 | The Professional Noticer

On this week’s episode of The Professional Noticer, Andy hosts Randall Wallace – Academy Award-nominated Screenwriter, film director, producer, songwriter, and New York Times Bestselling Author.

Tune in to hear Randall share about his early work and what compelled him to begin screenwriting. Listen as he shares some powerful advice, offers a hint about the project he and Mel Gibson are currently developing, and learn about The Braveheart of Creativity – the Live Show he’s now performing in theaters across the nation.

Films and TV series Randall has written, directed, and/or produced: Braveheart (writer), The Man in the Iron Mask (writer, director, producer), Pearl Harbor (writer, executive producer), We Were Soldiers (writer, director, producer), Secretariat (writer), Heaven is for Real (writer, director), Hunter (writer), Starman (writer), Stingray (writer), J.J. Starbuck (writer, producer), Sonny Spoon (writer, executive producer), Unsub (writer), Broken Badges (writer, executive producer), Dark Angel (story writer), Point of Honor (writer, director, executive producer)

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