Taxidermy Art: The Best in the World with Clint Rickey

Oct 26, 2020 | The Professional Noticer

This week, Andy hosts Clint Rickey—winner of the recent World Championship in Taxidermy. Having won the Whitetail Deer-Master’s Division in Wisconsin six times in a row, the same Master’s Division in Iowa five times in a row, and with two National Championships; Clint has now been named the Whitetail Deer-Master’s Division-BEST IN THE WORLD!

Tune in to hear from a guy who has not only reached the top of his game…he’s reached the top of everybody’s game! In this episode, Clint discusses how he got started in taxidermy, whether what he does is a talent or a skill, the importance of presentation, first impressions, and his approach to creating a detailed masterpiece.

Visit to learn more about Clint and see his work. Then connect with him on Facebook, and be sure to stop by his studio, Rickey Ridge Taxidermy, in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

If you have questions or comments for THE PROFESSIONAL NOTICER, please contact us at:

If you have questions or comments for THE PROFESSIONAL NOTICER, please contact us at:

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