Pink Ernie & Blue Fred: The Big Prank


A fun story about true friendship, and eating your vegetables! 

Discover Pink Ernie and Blue Fred in The Big Prank, an enchanting, hilarious story that combines delightful rhymes and captivating illustrations to explore courage, friendship despite differences, and how to stand up to a bully. This classic tale will have the children you love laughing from the start…and it might even inspire them to eat their vegetables!

Ideal for ages 4 to 8, Pink Ernie and Blue Fred in The Big Prank is a delightful addition to any child’s collection. Share in the magic of camaraderie and bravery as Ernie, Fred, and their newfound friend, Ray, warm hearts, and inspire imaginations.

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Set sail on a heartwarming, hilarious adventure with Pink Ernie and Blue Fred in The Big Prank. This enchanting children's book brings to life the colorful tale of two unlikely friends, Ernie the pink elephant and Fred the blue mouse, as they team up to outsmart the mischievous and mean purple fox, Ray.

Ernie and Fred live in a quirky house made of sticks, straw, and rocks, ingeniously designed to keep them safe from the clutches of Ray, the mean purple fox who enjoys a blue mouse snack every now and then. Determined to turn the tables on Ray, Ernie and Fred concoct a clever, frosty surprise that will leave young readers giggling with delight.

As Ray falls victim to their ingenious trap, he finds himself in a predicament that leads to unexpected lessons and a change of heart. Through witty rhymes and charming illustrations, the book imparts the importance of friendship, teamwork, and making healthy choices.

Join Ernie, Fred, and Ray on a spirited journey filled with laughter, suspense, and heartwarming moments. Pink Ernie and Blue Fred in The Big Prank is a delightful read-aloud story that will captivate young imaginations and leave them eagerly awaiting the next enchanting adventure of this unforgettable trio. Share in the joy of friendship, courage, and the power of a well-executed prank in this whimsical and endearing tale.

Ideal for children aged 4 to 8, "Pink Ernie and Blue Fred: The Big Prank" is a must-have addition to any child's bookshelf. Whether it's bedtime reading or a cozy storytime, this book will leave young readers smiling and inspired. Get ready for a captivating story that celebrates creativity, friendship, and the joy of coming together to outfox even the cleverest of foes.

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