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Oct 21, 2010 | Miscellaneous

Hey everyone!

Over the next week, 450 Barnes & Noble stores all across America are featuring end-cap displays of five of Andy’s books. These are the displays you always see at the end of an aisle in the bookstore.

Naturally, this has us extremely excited! But we’re not content with just taking a look at the display at our local Barnes & Noble. We want to see YOUR pictures of these fabulous displays!

And there’s something in it for you if you send us one. 🙂

On November 1, we will select the 25 best pictures of an Andy Andrews Barnes & Noble end-cap display and send those who submitted the pictures a signed, personalized copy of Andy’s latest release, The Butterfly Effect. Not only will it be signed and personalized, but it will also come in a custom, leather gift box that you will not find in stores anywhere!

All you have to do to be eligible is follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a picture of an Andy Andrews end-cap display at your local Barnes & Noble (bonus points if you include yourself in the picture as well! Be creative!)
  2. Show us your picture by posting it to Andy’s Facebook Fan Page or e-mailing it to Include your name and location when you post or e-mail it.
  3. Do all of this before November 1.

You can check out a few pictures that some of our friends have already sent us below!

– The Andy Andrews Team

Barnes & Noble – New York, NY

Books 1 Tag

Barnes & Noble – Franklin, TN

Book 2 Tag

Barnes & Noble – Aliso Viejo, CA

Book 3



1. Barnes & Noble – The Summit in Birmingham, AL

    Submitted by: J R

Book 4 Tag

2. Barnes & Noble – Tukwila, WA

    Submitted by: Dan

Entry 2

3. Barnes & Noble – Salisbury, MD

    Submitted by: Karen

Entry 5

4. Barnes & Noble – Avon, IN

    Submitted by: Jazmin

Entry 4 Tag

5. Barnes & Noble – Grandville, MI

    Submitted by: Robin

Entry 5 Tag

6. Barnes & Noble – Bethlehem Towship, PA

    Submitted by: Christine

Entry 6 Tag

7. Barnes & Noble – Allentown, Pa

    Submitted by: Michelle

Entry 7 Tag

8. Barnes & Noble – Greensboro, N.C

    Submitted by: Lisa

Entry 8 Tag

9. Barnes & Noble – Reisterstown, MD

    Submitted by: Valerie

Entry 9 Tag

10. Barnes & Noble – Lynnwood, WA

    Submitted by: Allen

Entry 10 Tag

11. Barnes & Noble – Kentwood, MI

    Submitted by: Arianna

Entry 11 Tag

12. Barnes & Noble – Kentwood, MI

    Submitted by: Hali

Entry 12 Tag

13. Barnes & Noble – Brandon, FL

    Submitted by: Debra

Entry 13 Tag

14. Barnes & Noble – Brandon, FL

    Submitted by: David

Entry 14 Tag

15. Barnes & Noble – Tuscaloosa, AL

    Submitted by: Nancy

Entry 15 Tag

16. Barnes & Noble – Tempe, AZ

    Submitted by: Steve and Sarah

Entry 16 Tag

17. Barnes & Noble – Tempe, AZ

    Submitted by: April

Entry 17 Tag

18. Barnes & Noble – Eatontown, NJ

    Submitted by: Kathy

Entry 18 Tag

19. Barnes & Noble – Peoria, IL

    Submitted by: Kevin

Entry 20

20. Barnes & Noble – Bentonville, AR

    Submitted by: Larry

Entry 21 Tag


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