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Apr 10, 2010 | Writing

Hi Everyone!

For those of you who might have wondered, “Where did Andy go?  We haven’t heard from him in a while . . .”, I have been hard at work on my 2011 book.  Whew!  I must admit, it is more than a bit consuming.  Soon, I want to blog on the process.  It will be a great way for me to decompress.  Ha!

Right now, I had to drop everything and tell you (my buddies) what is happening!  I appreciate so much your encouragement and support and wanted YOU to be the first to “understand” the latest development in our lives.  I am very excited about this so . . . here it goes.  

The book that will be released this May 4th has generated more questions than any work I have ever produced.  Therefore, in an effort to satisfy what might become an overwhelming curiosity, maybe it is best that I address those questions for you now—before you begin to read!

The Heart Mender TagI am often asked if I have a favorite among the books I have written. Yes, I do. And this is it. The Heart Mender is not only what I believe to be my best work, it is the most compelling—bringing all aspects of a mystery, love story, and thriller to the table in order to deliver a life-changing principle.

Now read carefully here . . . What is my greatest career disappointment? Again, I would answer, the manuscript that is about to be released.  Not this title—just the manuscript. You see, the manuscript was previously published under another name—Island of Saints—and for the most part barely even saw a bookstore!  Through issues of bad timing, little previous success of my own, and zero publicity, the book was quickly forgotten.  

The few people who did find the book, however, became (and remain) extremely vocal about their love for the story and its power. Soon a movie producer found it, and the ball, which had seemed lost in deep weeds, started rolling again.

Now, May 4th, it is being released with a more appropriate title, the backing of a happy publishing company, and a few rabid supporters who still call this their favorite book everThe Heart Mender is ready to go. And now there is only the biggest question of all waiting to be answered . . .

“Is this story true?”

Without exception, every person who has read this book has asked that question.

Iron Cross TagAnd the answer is . . . yes . . . for the most part. All the numbers, the history, the dates, and the items I found are real. I have changed some locations and most of the names. The principal characters do exist, but perhaps not in the specific manner in which they are presented. Curiously, a few of the main characters’ experiences turned out to be more common than I had previously believed. When the first incarnation of this manuscript was produced, I received communication from several families with proof that they, too, began their lives in this country with the very same kind of history as that of my friends.

At the end of this book (and don’t read ahead!) I decided to add a “Where Are They Now?” section, which I think you will enjoy. And before you ask . . . yes . . . for the most part, it will be true!

Please check out the quick video below.  It will give you chills.  And some stats about the Nazi submarines and what they did in American waters during World War II.  All true and all covered up by the government at that time.  The material in this book still blows me away!

Feel free to pass it on . . .

Your friend,

Andy Andrews
Orange Beach, Alabama





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