Living Life to the Fullest – With a Purpose

Mar 1, 2012 | Podcasts

According to a famous dictionary, purpose is defined as the reason why something exists or done. It is also an intended goal, aim or desired result. Finding the purpose of life is the ultimate determining factor making it possible for you to set your objectives and goals in life. Thus, if an individual lacks this purpose, their entire life, business, and careers become difficult to achieve. Without a purpose filled life, it is easy to get sidetracked and lose direction, as well as the motivation to move forward and progress. As a result, some may even get thrown on a curve or hit difficult challenges all throughout.


Life without Purpose

Without proper purpose, it is quite difficult to progress to a level of accomplishment and satisfaction through life. There is a connection between setting of goals and finding purpose in life. If your goal is set towards the future, and the things that you want to see yourself experiencing, you learn to live a happy life. Your purpose creates your motivation to create goals for yourself. At times, even if you encounter setbacks along the way, knowing that there is something that you want to achieve, you survive successfully.

The beautiful thing about purpose is that, even though you cannot reach your goal, you can still orient your efforts, understanding that they are part of the journey. This insight provides a clear understanding to the need to create a purpose and setting goals. If a person has a purpose and a goal, the reason to live is eminent. Thus, a cause for every action, as well as the motivation, exists.


Motivation Defined

Motivation is defined as an idea that is used in the description of certain ideas from within a person. As a result, it arises, channels, and maintains behaviour towards the working of a goal.  To make things easier to understand, motivation is a behaviour that is goal directed.

A good way to see whether a goal befits the purpose is if it meets the SMART goal criteria. For one, a goal should be specific, which means that they should be straightforward. At the same time, it should emphasize the things that you want to happen. These are the things that can motivate you to work on your goal.

A goal should also be measurable. Being said, it means that it is important to establish concrete criteria in measuring progress towards the overall achievement of each goal set. It should also be achievable, allowing it to stretch your capabilities. Even though at times it may need you to be out of your comfort zone, it should give you the sense of being able to do it, making it a good commitment from you.

At the same time, this calls for the need to set a realistic goal, something that can be attained with your effort. It should also be timely and can be worked on based on a specific limitation. To learn more about goals, take time to browse through websites which can give you a good way to search for the purpose of your life. The Internet is currently a good source of different types of information these days. For instance, needing a local locksmith list will often lead you to sites such as Similarly, certain websites can lead you to information-packed database that can satisfy your need to learn more.

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