Introducing: Henry Hodges Needs a Friend

Mar 10, 2015 | Writing

Know what I’m going to miss most when my kids are all grown up?

The little things.

Back when my boys were a bit younger, I loved reading to them before bedtime.

We would surround ourselves with pillows and I’d let them turn the pages as I read. My favorite books were always the funny ones. Anything that could get my kids laughing, I was all in!

Special little moments like these are what I’m really going to miss…

Now, Austin, Adam, and I laugh about other things. More grown up things, you could say. Witty jokes, funny situations, and, of course, the occasional YouTube video.

But I do remember how fun it was to hear them cackling at a silly picture in a great children’s book.

Henry Hodges Needs a Friend will capture that exact same experience for you and your family!

Here’s a quick synopsis of the story:

On a quiet street in a quiet town, a lonely little boy named Henry Hodges finds companionship in the most unlikely of places. After searching high and low for a new best friend, a pup named “Hap” transforms his boring, quiet neighborhood into a world bursting with possibilities!

My personal favorite part of the book? An off-the-wall brainstorming session by young Henry in an attempt to find the perfect pet. The illustrator Colleen Madden did a fantastic job making the pictures hilarious.

Let’s just say, a goat with ten legs and a goldfish with antlers both make an appearance…on the same page!

The book carries a special message for any child who feels lonely: A new best friend could be right around the corner. And Henry Hodges Needs a Friend is a reminder that friendship can come in many forms—including the family dog.

If you want your own copy to share with your kids, just click the link below:

Click here to grab your copy of Henry Hodges Needs a Friend.

You’ll also be able to find it in all the major retailers.

If you absolutely love reading to your children or grandchildren, I hope you’ll check this book out. I have a strong feeling you’re going to smile…a lot!

Here’s a sneak peek of the book (I read part of the story aloud in this video):

Comments? Questions? Talk to me!


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