How to Find Your Own “Noticer”

Aug 29, 2013 | Miscellaneous

In this video blog, I answer a great question from a reader:

“How can I find someone like a Jones in my own life? How can I find my own Noticer?”

Video Notes:

Many times people asking this question are waiting way too long for their “noticer” to appear.

  • In order to attract people like Jones, you have to be in “search mode.”

You can meet a noticer halfway.

  • There are many people who can be mentors, but you have to catch their attention by living a life that is worth mentorship.
  • Only people who are seeking wisdom tend to find the person who is excited about adding wisdom.

One of the things you have to look for is what Jones would call “fruit on the tree.”

  • I’m shocked by how many times I see people align themselves with someone who has no fruit on the tree.
  • One of the best ways to determine how much fruit is on the tree is to look at a person’s children.
  • “You can fake anything, but you can’t fake the kids.”
  • If you want your life to be incredibly productive, you can’t align yourself with a stunted tree.

When you find the person you want to mentor you, here is the worst thing you can say:

  • “Can you mentor me?”
  • Focus on making yourself valuable to that person. Show them there are things they can learn from you as well.
  • Find that person, but become that person along the way.


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