Helping the ‘Odd Kid Out’ Feel Noticed

Nov 4, 2019 | The Professional Noticer

This week, Andy answers a question from someone who wants to be a speaker and author, but is having trouble finishing a book.  Can Andy give him some direction?

Andy also answers a question from a mother of six children—which includes a set of triplets. One of the middle children, a nine year old son, often feels left out because the triplets receive most of the attention when meeting new people. His mother can see this affecting him in so many ways and wants to know if Andy has any suggestions to help. 

Tune in to hear about Andy running into a set of famous quintuplets and what he did to make to the ‘odd kids out’ feel noticed.

If you have a question you’d like Andy to answer on THE PROFESSIONAL NOTICER, please contact us at:


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