Generational Anger Defused: The True Story of a Choice That Changed Everything

Aug 18, 2020 | Culture/Society

During the past year or so—especially considering these last few months—have you wondered if we as a society have “crossed the rubicon?” I’ll admit that occasionally, thoughts of “all downhill from here” have crossed my mind. So, can anything be done? Individually or collectively, is there a concept or principle we don’t understand? Is there something we have overlooked?

I think the answer is “yes.”

In this video, I’ll explain how I came to my “yes” by revealing an account of a single day in my life I’ve never shared. It’s a story of bombs, lies, and espionage that changed my life. And it’s all true.

It’s taken me fifteen years to understand what I experienced that day. Now, I’d like you to have the hope I can finally see.


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