Podcast Episode 45: Life Lessons from the Olympics

Jul 27, 2012 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by Andy Traub.

This week, Andy highlights the lessons we can take away from the Olympics and apply to our own lives.


Why are we so compelled to watch the Olympics?

  • They give us more than normal sports do the rest of the other four years.
  • They mark times in our lives. Everyone has memories connected to the Olympics.
  • The Olympics give us a glimpse into the private lives of those who have amazing discipline.


Nothing great happens without discipline.

  • Raising children
  • Sports
  • Writing
  • Anytime you see anyone who has accomplished anything great, you find that they have great amounts of discipline.


Why watch the Olympics?

  • You will find a “hero,” someone who will be highlighted everywhere. Someone you will admire.
  • To see real life examples of people who went out and created success without anyone else paying them to do what they were gifted to do. In spite of challenges, they still succeeded.


While having a conversation with his son after his son’s guitar lessons, Andy illustrated the challenges that one might face as they pursue something they are passionate about.

  • The fear of not being any good.
  • There is already so much out there, why should anyone want what I have?
  • More than just passion, you need to have something that offers value to others and helps them.
  • Once you have success, it can be hard to get out there and push yourself again to be better.
  • Once you learn the process of being successful in one area of life, you can then apply that to every other area of life when you encounter hard situations.
  • Once you’ve accomplished something great, the world will see it because there are not a lot of other people doing it.


Few people do something great with their lives because when things get hard they think:

  • That it’s just not for them.
  • This is God telling me that I should do something else.
  • This is hard, so it must not be something that I can do.


Most people will not ever have success because:

  • They avoid challenges.
  • They don’t push themselves.
  • They don’t like conflict.
  • They make excuses.


The Olympics gives you the example of people who fought through all the excuses to arrive where they are today. It also gives parents the opportunity to teach their kids what it takes to be successful in life.


Questions for Listeners

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