Podcast Episode 281: How to Change the World

Apr 15, 2017 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


In this episode, we discuss a listener’s question on helping society change its habits and focus.


Mass change requires individual change.

  • Each person must come to his or her own conclusion.
  • There are two components of change: 1) What’s in it for me, and 2) Proof beyond a reasonable doubt.


We set an example for others.

  • People examine us by the fruit we produce.


If you understand why a principle works, you unlock its true power.

  • You can explain it to others and use it across nearly every aspect of your life.
  • Get to “the bottom of the pool.”


Tune in to hear how one of Andy’s books helped provide the “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” a father and son needed to repair their relationship.


Questions for Andy 

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