Podcast Episode 256: How You Can Make History Despite Your Circumstances

Oct 8, 2016 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

On this week’s episode, we discuss how to overcome obstacles, make your own history, and leave behind a legacy of your own choosing.


George Washington Carver accomplished an unbelievable amount during his lifetime—while living in one of the hardest times in history for African-Americans.

  • He discovered 266 uses for the peanut that we still use today, even though he was born into slavery.
  • Congress asked him to appear before them to discuss his work with peanuts—which was unheard of for an African-American during that time.
  • He did everything in his life on purpose and with intention (which is one reason he accomplished so much).


Tune in to hear how a shirt Andy was wearing started this conversation on making the history you want to be remembered for.


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