Podcast Episode 178: A 14-year-old entrepreneur? How Andy’s son successfully launched his first business!

Mar 28, 2015 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, I talk about the business that my son, Austin, started based on lessons he learned in the garden. 


I often ask people what they would do with their lives if money were no object, and then what value that activity has for other people.

  • These are the kinds of things that Austin, my oldest son, has heard me talk about at the house over the years.
  • Around 10 years ago a hurricane wiped out all the trees at our house.
  • Austin was just a little boy then, but when we were figuring out what we were going to do, he said, “Plant trees that will do Like orange trees.”
  • He was 13 years old when he came to me with the idea of helping other people grow their own citrus trees.


One of the most important lessons people who want to make money need to learn is that they must adopt the mindset of wanting to solve some kind of problem.

  • Austin told me, “Most landscapers treat citrus trees like any other tree and that’s why they don’t have fruit.”
  • A woman from Dallas, TX, contacted Austin because she wanted to grow citrus trees where she lived.
  • This request prompted Austin to devise a plan for growing citrus trees in pots so they can be taken in during the winter.
  • The word about Austin’s activities eventually got out, and before long, he was asked to talk about citrus production with the local garden club, and then the Orange Beach City Council.
  • This resulted in the mayor himself recruiting Austin to maintain the city’s various citrus trees, making him the youngest contractor in the history of the city!
  • The local newspaper put him on the front page, touting that finally someone was “bringing the oranges back to Orange Beach.”


In honor of Austin’s company’s recent success, we’re offering listeners of In The Loop HALF off the regular price of a custom citrus tree maintenance plan until May 31st.

No matter where you live—Minnesota…Maine…Manitoba—you can grow your own citrus tree at home…in a pot!

Want a great Mother’s Day gift? A fun and unusual family project? Do you like fresh navel oranges, Meyer lemons, or Ruby Red grapefruit?

For just $24.50, Austin will customize a step-by-step plan that includes photographs detailing exactly how you can produce the citrus fruit you want by growing citrus trees in pots!

Simply email Austin@SportyCitrus.com and tell him where you live and what kind of citrus you’d like to grow. Be sure to put “In The Loop” in the subject line and Austin will get back to you shortly!


For more information go to SportyCitrus.com

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