Podcast Episode 125: The Toughest Mental Obstacle I’ve Faced

Mar 22, 2014 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question about the toughest mental obstacle I had to cross after overcoming homelessness.


Has there been any point when I felt like hiding under the pier again?

  • I occasionally feel like crawling back under the pier.
  • I say that jokingly, but I really am very aware of where I am when I walk on that pier.
  • Living under the pier was undoubtedly the worst time in my life, but without that perspective I don’t think I would have become what I am today. 


Part of life is the struggle to think a certain way.

  • It’s not just to improve and increase your level of thinking.
  • We are all in the process of becoming.
  • The people who are humbly listening and learning from other people are the people with money and influence.


The toughest thing I had to do was distance myself from that pier.

  • I needed to get away from it with my thinking, choices, and actions.
  • Your thinking is the foundation of your success as a parent and member of your community.


If you want to read more about how to become a better parent, businessperson, and member of your community, pick up a copy of The Noticer Returns.


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