The Second Half Is About To Begin!

Dec 29, 2009 | Business





Thank God for the second half!  


Have you ever had that thought?  Has your team ever performed below expectations in the first half, only to seem like a different group altogether in the second half?  Well, in a way, they were a different group.  The team that takes the field for the second half is never the same team that played in the first.  Why? Because of halftime . . .

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If you’ve never been in a locker room at halftime, let me tell you what goes on.  First, the team comes in tired.  Occasionally, they are confused.  Or mad.  Or scared.  Or disgusted with their effort or execution . . .


Halftime does not last long.  Huge changes are never necessary.  Small shifts in thinking are necessary.  The team is reminded of the game-plan and its goals and dreams.  Players review strategy with coaches and determine one of two things about the second half:  “That didn’t work—so let’s not do that anymore.”  Or  “That worked—so let’s do that more often!”


The competition is quickly reviewed.  Ideas are discussed and, if they are good ideas, become part of the strategy for the second half. 

You see, the players who take the field for the second half are more experienced than the team who played in the first half.  Individually and collectively they know more and their entire strategy—while changed only slightly—takes on new power.  The team recognizes the immediate opportunity to cast off ineffective actions and attitudes and replace them with renewed energy and tactics.

And that is why a team that appears flat or fearful or confused or unprepared often turns things around and wins in the second half.


Thank God for the second half!

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The second half is as real for you and me as it is for any team.  Right now . . . this very minute . . . we are in “halftime.”  We exist for a time—right now—in the locker room of our lives.  How did things go for you in the first half?  What did you learn?  What will you change this very minute, during halftime?  Is your game-plan working?  Does it need to be tweaked?

In a few moments (it could be tomorrow or January 1 or five minutes from now) the referees will knock on your door and require your appearance on the field.  The second half is about to begin!


The tragedy of life is not recorded in our failures.  The tragedy is that so many of us never take the field for the second half!





  What will you do differently in the second half?



I eagerly await your answers!


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