Excerpt from Chapter 15:

A Little Thing…like opening our eyes to what is already there.

From page 137… After a bit I noticed Polly had her phone and was quickly scanning through the screens. “What’re you looking for?” I asked. “Something I want to show you,” she said. “Hang on. You’ll like this.” Moments later, after apparently finding what she was searching for, Polly looked up. “Can you pull over—just for a minute?” I didn’t ask why. A parking lot appeared to our right, and I turned in. As soon as the car was in Park, Polly smiled mysteriously and began to speak. “When the sun was going down, I took some other pictures while we were talking. Look at this one,” she said, turning the camera to face me. “This is my favorite. I took it before I turned around.” I stared at the image on her phone, immediately deciding that yes, it really was more incredible than the first photo she had shown me earlier—maybe more incredible than any sunset I’d ever seen.

Photo Credit: Polly Y. Andrews © 2016 This photo has not been edited or modified in any way.

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