Timeless Wisdom From the Traveler (CD Set)


Ideas and strategies come and go like fashion and the changing seasons, but principles are timeless.

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Join Andy Andrews on a time-traveling adventure to meet historic heroes like Abraham Lincoln, King Solomon, and Anne Frank in times filled with incomparable challenges. At the end of this journey, you’ll not only enjoy the Timeless Wisdom from some of the greatest minds throughout history, you’ll possess the Seven Decisions that determine personal success.

Timeless Wisdom from the Traveler isn't just something you listen to or read, it contains the critical decisions you need to live by to transform your life! In this 9-CD package, you’ll experience a personal conversation with Andy Andrews, the author of The Traveler's Gift, as you explore the life-changing details surrounding each of the Seven Decisions together. It's easy to discount the value of something as simple as a decision, yet as Andy illuminates, a single decision can move mountains.

Ideas and strategies come and go like fashion and the changing seasons, but principles are timeless. Andy's Timeless Wisdom program provides you with additional insight behind the Seven Principles demonstrated by great men and women throughout history: Harry S. Truman, Anne Frank, King Solomon, Joshua Chamberlain, Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, and a special principle from the archangel Gabriel.

Once you complete this entertaining adventure with Andy, your own life journey will take on a completely new meaning!

This audio program includes:

  • Nine content-packed CDs exploring the deeper meaning behind the Seven Decisions
  • An additional bonus CD with a personal reading of all Seven Decisions by Andy
  • A comprehensive companion workbook to help you master each decision

Includes a special bonus recording!

In The Traveler's Gift, David Ponder goes on a time-traveling adventure to obtain seven precious scrolls of wisdom from seven iconic heroes. Each scroll contains a simple, yet profound decision that changes his life forever. In this special bonus recording, Andy reads for you these seven divine decisions as they were written on each scroll.

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Audio Clip - Timeless Wisdom from the Traveler

TRT: 4Hrs, 8Min

Life Time Money Back Guarantee

Get Timeless Wisdom right now and test it out. See if you aren’t left with the best principles and strategies for directing your life in a direction of YOUR choosing. If not, simply email or call us at any time for a full refund.

We’re confident the information contained in these discs will change your life forever!

Go ahead and order now…and welcome to the life you’ve always wanted!


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The Seven Decisions that will Change Your Life


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