The Lost Choice


A gripping quest to uncover mankind’s destiny. Elegantly blending gripping fiction, extensive research, and a powerful message of hope, The Lost Choice illuminates the timeless principles for transforming your life and the world.

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In their Denver suburb, journalist Dorry Chandler and her detective husband, Mark, discover a strange object bearing a message etched in an ancient language. Joining forces with anthropologist Dylan Langford and his archaeologist girlfriend, Abby Warner, the team is enthralled by the mysterious artifact and its baffling message that appears to date back thousands of years.

The anticipation builds as they uncover a trail of clues — each piece of evidence shedding new light on the object's significance. The Chandlers may have unearthed a fragment of one of the most profound relics in mankind's history and the key to understanding the extraordinary achievements of esteemed men and women throughout time.

Will the team discover the secret behind this mysterious historical object? Or will its message be lost forever?

From the author of the New York Times bestseller The Traveler's Gift comes a gripping quest to uncover mankind's destiny. Elegantly blending gripping fiction, extensive research, and a powerful message of hope, The Lost Choice illuminates the timeless principles for transforming your life and the world.

Are you ready to make the personal discovery of a lifetime?

The Lost Choice Limited-Edition Relic

Hand-crafted in 100% natural bronze, this limited editionindividually numbered, double-sided relic coin has been produced specifically to commemorate Andy's second novel, The Lost Choice.

  • Pictured is the front/back of the relic with the commemorative bag. Only ONE relic is included, although two are in the image to show both sides.
  • Coin is 2" in diameter

Reclaiming Your Lost Choice

In this engaging and intimate 6-CD audio series, Andy shares with you six critical yet simple choices you can make to change your life's direction—and ultimately the direction of those closest to you as well as the rest of humanity.

You'll be inspired by stories of people who, in their own ways, greatly impacted our world — historical figures such as William Wallace, George Washington Carver, John Adams, and others. Elegantly blending riveting fiction, extensive research, and a powerful message of hope, Reclaiming Your Lost Choice illuminates the timeless principles for transforming your world.

Can simple choices truly impact your life, let alone the world? As The Lost Choice clearly demonstrates, these six choices certainly can . . .

  • The Wealthy Choice: Embrace Real Abundance.
  • The Supportive Choice: Live a Life of Service.
  • The Active Choice: Lead with Action, Not Words.
  • The Impossible Choice: Make Failure a Friend, Not a Foe.
  • The Significant Choice: Step Beyond Your Comfort Zone.
  • The Attractive Choice: Align with Your Authentic Self

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A Legend of Personal Discovery


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