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100-Year Parenting Online Course


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Effective parenting isn't about skill or talent; it's a matter of having the right information.

Andy will show you the 21 Results you should be shooting for in your children's lives, and the most practical ways to get those results.

After successfully implementing the ideas in this course, other people will be looking at YOUR kids and asking you, "How can I get my kids to be like that??"

Introductory Module: Understand the Winning Principles

This section lays the groundwork for all of the practical strategies covered in the other modules.


  • The mindset behind 100-Year Parenting, and why it's so valuable for every single future generation in your family tree.
  • The "Principle of Extreme Achievement," which separates this course's teachings from the way normal people parent their kids.
  • The "Absolute of Principles" — why they work EVERY time.
  • And much more . . .

Module 1: Give Your Kids the Gifts of Responsibility, Joy, and Wisdom

In module one, we'll dive right into the 21 Results. Each "Result" video is full of effective techniques that you can dive into right away — and start seeing results instantly!


  • Why responsibility is the most important quality, and why your child won't get far without it.
  • How to grow both a grateful spirit and a joyful spirit in your children, and why the two are dependent on each other.
  • The best way for kids to learn from other people's experiences and gain wisdom.
  • And much more . . .

Module 2: Regain Control of Your Household

In this module, Andy will discuss several of the 21 Results that deal with outside influences on your children.


  • Most people talk about authority in a way that never acknowledges its secret, hidden benefit, which is _______. Knowing this one thing, your child will respond better to authority.
  • The two different types of loyalty and how to cultivate them in your family.
  • These simple techniques that will help your child make great friends. No more bad influences!
  • Why we parents need authority too, and how to actually get it.
  • And much more . . .

Module 3: Create Meaningful Conversations With Your Kids

You'll take a step back from the 21 Results in this module, and discover the secrets of how to implement them.


  • How to undo that parenting mistake you wish you hadn't made.
  • Disciplining young children vs. older children, and why you MUST know the difference.
  • The secret to productive conversations with your kids.
  • And much more . . .

Module 4: Triple Your Children's Future Bank Accounts

The Results Andy discusses in this section are essential for giving your children lifelong success — think jobs, relationships, business ventures, etc.


  • Practical ways to develop your children into hardworking individuals.
  • How to teach your kids to actually save their money.
  • Honesty won't actually be hard for your kids to learn, if you approach it in this one simple way . . .
  • And much more . . .

Module 5: Skyrocket Their Leadership Potential

These Results seem to be the most difficult for parents to explain to their children, but don't worry — you'll be well equipped after watching these videos!


  • How to grow both integrity and character in your children (there's a crucial difference between the two).
  • If your kids learn this one specific lesson, they'll begin to understand why it's worthwhile to be diligent.
  • Teach your children what being a leader really means, so they will be ready to accept the role of "leader" when the time comes.
  • And much more . . .

"Concepts in this course apply to your children, grandchildren, or anyone you associate with. Should be required viewing if you want to parent a child."

- Don L., Bothell, WA

"This course is so worth the investment into yourself and future generations! Now, there's no excuses for anything, you can parent yourself (your parents might not have been as thorough as this course is.) You can only teach what you know, so learn."

- Joreen M., Denver, CO


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