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Jun 23, 2008 | Writing

Hi Everyone!

As of this very moment, I am diving off the high board and into the deep end of the pool … THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG!

For some time now, I have watched and read the postings of beings far more experienced in navigating the blogosphere than I … me … whatever. There. Right there is one thing I have noticed: Grammer is not bubbling over the lip of the old blog bucket! However, with this blog, I will try to keep eeroors to a minimum.

Honestly, there have been many occasions when your written words have meant so much to me. And not just to me, but to family members and friends as well. Often, I have printed one of your emails to carry with me physically and have forwarded others, but even in doing so, I knew that there were millions of people just like you and me who could benefit from our correspondence if they were able to view it themselves.

And why should they have to wait for my next book to implement what you and I just figured out?! Life is tough enough without being on an “automatic information delay”!!

I cannot count the times I have wished someone besides me could know how funny Mike from Arizona is or how smart Dave is—the mortgage guy who corresponds with me from Louisiana. For two years, I have carried with me the words of encouragement Gloria wrote from Indiana when I was overseas with the troops and you never knew what she had written or why I teared up every time I pulled the paper from my pocket.

But now we can know. And read and touch and feel through the magic of a blog! We are about to get to know each other much better!

As of this very moment, if you wish, you can reply when I write or even ask a question. Know that I have a family and time is at a premium so I am not promising to answer every thing that gets asked, but hey … lets go for it! I will promise not to deluge you with every thing that pops into my head (that might get ugly!) but we will both … from this point forward … determine to lay our gifts and talents on the table, get our minds and bodies in gear, and ramp up this business of living the life you choose!

Andy Andrews

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