How to Commit Yourself to a Life of Purpose

Jun 21, 2016 | Business, Personal Growth

3D Right (3)Last week, I sent every member of my email list an all-new downloadable guide called Your Personal Mission Statement Action Plan.

I’ve long been fascinated by the way businesses use mission statements to chart their course, declare their values, and cement the impact and legacy they want to leave on the world. I’ve also seen firsthand how important a mission statement has been to the success of my business and career.

But all that left me to wonder… If businesses around the world spend countless hours skillfully crafting their mission statements, wouldn’t you agree it’s worth your time to declare to the world who YOU are, what YOU are about, and why YOU matter?

That’s exactly what Your Personal Mission Statement Action Plan is designed to do.

I know using your mission statement to create life change can be a challenge—especially without accountability.

That’s why I want to ask you to do three things that I guarantee will force you to hit the ground running as soon as possible:

1. Publicly declare your Personal Mission Statement in the comments section of this post.

Research shows there’s magic in publicly committing yourself to something. You’re more likely to follow through when you tell someone else what you are about to do.

So if you truly want to become who you SAY you want to become, the best thing you can do is say it in front of everybody.

Plus, I want to see what you’re all about, too. Then, I want to help you accomplish it! (See how I declared that publicly?)

Look in the comments below for mine and let me know what you think…

2. Respond to another person.

This guide is about community. It’s about moving toward the lives we want to live—together. There’s little else more empowering than providing positive feedback to someone about their life’s mission.

So right after you’ve publicly declared your Personal Mission Statement, find someone else in the comments and tell them what you think of theirs.

Your encouragement will almost certainly make that person’s day.

3. Invite a friend to this post to check out your public declaration—and tell them to create their own Personal Mission Statement.

Not only will you add value to that person’s life, you’ll also create instant accountability for yourself. Letting a friend know you’re using the guide to create your personal mission statement is one of the best motivators you can have for actually getting it done.

Best of all, after you create your mission statement and commit to it, you’ll ensure the future you aspire to build for yourself.

You can share the guide with anyone you’re close to:

  • Spouse
  • Friends
  • Children
  • Team members
  • Employees
  • Co-workers
  • Church family

You know how much more fun it is to do something with someone? Having a friend creating their own mission statement at the same time will be awesome! I know that for me, a “running buddy” can make a lot of difference to my own ability to produce.

I’ve included a pre-written email template below, as well as several social media posts you can use if you’d like to share the guide with your entire network!

Share the guide with a group you are leading or with individuals you care about. And share it with someone who will hold you accountable and commit to folding more purpose into your life starting today!

Copy & Paste Templates for Sharing:

Use one of the pre-written posts below to share the Mission Statement Guide with friends and keep yourself accountable.

Share via Email – Just copy and paste this template and insert the recipient’s name at the beginning and your name at the end.

Hey [NAME]!

I just downloaded a free guide from Andy Andrews that’s designed to help you create a personal mission statement.

I posted my mission statement in the comments section of this blog post, and I’d love for you to look at it. It’ll only take a minute and I’d really appreciate you holding me accountable to what I wrote:

Click here to check it out!

Also, there’s a link at the top of the post that’ll give you a free copy of the guide as well. Again, it won’t take much of your time, but it’s a great exercise. It really opened my eyes to several things—you should give it a try!


To share on Facebook, just click here.

To share on Twitter, just click the pre-written tweet below (don’t worry, you can edit it before sending):

[Tweet “Use @AndyAndrews’ free mission statement guide to live every day on purpose”]


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