How To Create Your Own Bucket List

Jul 15, 2013 | Podcasts

If you’ve seen the movie, it probably left you (too) wondering; exactly just how satisfied or happy are you about the things you’ve accomplished in your life? What else would you like to do? What are your biggest dreams and desires and how far off are you from reaching them?


There’s Always Time


Some of you pessimists out there might fall into the rabbit hole called melancholy, fill yourselves with regrets and feelings of deep disappointment. “Wow, there’s so much I failed to do!” First of all, we’re only human. We cannot accomplish everything we plan on doing into this lifetime simply because unpredicted things occur all the time, situations changes, things evolve. Secondly, making a Bucket List now does not mean you do not have plenty of more time to work towards your biggest goals. Make sure you take your time when putting it together and refresh it periodically. As time goes by, our perception on life and the idea of success in general tends to change. So, logically, your previous list will also change.

Keep A Hard Copy For Your Bucket List


This will help you constantly remember everything you would like to still accomplish. At the same time, it will help you gain fast and easy access to the list and know exactly where to go when a new idea strikes you. Just like the EuroJackpot online site shoudlbe your go-to place in need for paying the lottery. Use your cell phone to record a voice text or write down a new idea every time it comes to you, no matter where you are and you do not have your notepad with you.


A Buckets List will guide you to self-improve. Climbing a high mountain might be one of the hardest tasks on your list, but something as small as “eating 5 fruits portions a day” will also aid you on the long run.



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