Podcast Episode 82: Is College Necessary?

Apr 27, 2013 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by Andy Traub.

On this week’s episode, Andy tackles the listener question…is college necessary?


Casey wants to become a speaker and asked if it’s possible to do so without going to college.

  • You have to figure out what value you bring to other people.
  • What can you bring to the table that will change someone’s life?
  • You have to go beyond simple “You Can Do It” speaking.
  • Encouragement is good, but it takes more than that to create lasting value.


There is a huge resistance in corporate America to motivational speakers.

  • If the audience thinks they’re about to see a “motivational” speaker, you’ll lose half of them before you say a word.
  • Proof is better than motivation or encouragement.


There was a time when if you did not have a degree, you would not be getting a job in certain fields.

  • Obviously, that’s still the case in some areas, like medicine.
  • Generally, it isn’t the case. Most people couldn’t care less if you have a piece of paper.
  • All they want to know is: can you do this? And will they like being around you?
  • It’s what do you know, as opposed to what do they say you know.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to college. It can be a great thing.

  • But it is not a necessity.
  • If you have to go into debt in order to go to college, always remember that it is not a requirement for success.
  • College is not bad; putting limits on people or yourself is.


Questions for Listeners

  • Do you have a question? Call in and your question might be featured on the show!



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