Podcast Episode 62: Accessing the Power of the Individual

Nov 30, 2012 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by Andy Traub.

On today’s episode, Andy and A.T. discuss the power of the individual and how to channel it through discovering your passion.


A listener named Sheryl writes in about her experience with breast cancer. Her story prompted A.T. to wonder how people who aren’t writers or speakers or someone with a large audience can have a big, lasting impact on the world.

  • Andy brings up the butterfly effect story that he often tells on stage
  • The story illustrates how great moments or accomplishments all go back to “ordinary” people who did a seemingly small deed that caused big things to happen down the line


Sheryl mentioned that her experience with cancer didn’t “define” her; it “refined” her.

  • Andy points out that this is often seen as an odd way of thinking
  • It’s actually a great way of thinking
  • As a society, we often think logically to the wrong conclusions
  • We have the ability to choose the way we think


Everybody has something they are meant to do.

  • It takes a different way of thinking to figure out what that is and master it
  • When you can mix your passion with value for others, you can affect enormous amounts of people


Quote from H.G. Wells:

“The test of greatness is this: what did that person leave to grow? By this test, Jesus stands first.”

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Questions for Listeners

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