Podcast Episode 60: Choosing to Be Grateful

Nov 16, 2012 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by Andy Traub.

On today’s episode, a listener writes in with the question: How do you apply the principle of “Today I choose to be happy”?


Andy’s simple answer is:

  • No one wants to follow a grouch
  • You have to become someone whom others want to follow
  • Choose to be grateful
  • Most people exist in life without anyone telling them how great they are
  • Learn how to vocalize the things we are grateful for having in our lives


For those who think that living life this way may be hokey, Andy comments:

  • What kind of life do you want to lead?
  • What kind of mood do you want to establish in your house?
  • What kind of aura do you want around you as you interact with others outside of your home?
  • If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, then you’re doing something wrong, because everyone else is not living a life filled with extraordinary results
  • If you treat people the way that you would like to be treated, most people will live up to your expectation, so treat them well
  • Let others know what you expect of them, and how excited you are to be interacting with them
  • The one thing more powerful than telling someone how great they are is telling their kids how great their parents are in front of them


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Questions for Listeners

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