Podcast Episode 269: One Little Thing That Keeps People from Success

Jan 21, 2017 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

Click here to download the transcript of this episode.


Click here to download a transcript of this episode.


In this episode, we discuss the impact one seemingly small thing has on our ability to move forward in our careers.


Taking offense can keep you from success.

  • When we take offense, it only produces a feeling. You ultimately choose whether you take offense to something or brush it off.
  • Offended people often feed off their offense and their anger builds over time—and no one likes to be around angry people.


This is a societal problem on a lot of fronts.

  • We live in a world that is increasingly obsessed with how people feel.
  • Leaders who have proven their common sense and value can no longer make decisions without threats and demands from people who take offense.
  • While we are entitled to our own opinions, we aren’t entitled to our own facts.


Tune in to hear the story of a high school that had to change their mascot because it was potentially offensive.


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