Podcast Episode 219: Here Are Some Fun “Andy Hacks” to Change How You Look, See, and Even Eat!

Jan 9, 2016 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, we’re switching things up and discussing a few of the “Andy Hacks” I use to save time and money.


Tune in this week to hear about…

  • The correct way to peel a banana.
  • The story of cutting my own hair for the first time—and how and why I continue to do it for myself, the boys, and others.
  • How Austin and Adam figured out how to peel pears with a power drill.
  • How I created a pair of reading glasses when each eye has a different prescription.


We would love to hear some of your life hacks! Send them in an email to InTheLoop@AndyAndrews.com.


Questions for Andy

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  • Phone: 1-800-726-ANDY
  • Email: InTheLoop@AndyAndrews.com
  • Facebook.com/AndyAndrews
  • Twitter.com/AndyAndrews

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