Podcast Episode 152: Release Your Creativity with Special Guest Patsy Clairmont

Sep 27, 2014 | Podcasts

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy.

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On this week’s episode, we have very special guest Patsy Clairmont in the studio to talk about her life and have some laughs.


I was on tour with Patsy for three years while touring with Women of Faith.

  • If I kept a list of my favorite speakers, I don’t know if it would be her or Zig Ziglar at the top.
  • I can honesty say, professionally, watching her speak was the best experience I’ve ever had.


Listen in to hear Patsy talk about the small group workshop in her home, and tell stories about finding creativity (including a time when someone called her “the worst student I’ve ever had”).


Go to PatsyClairmont.com and check out Shaking Your Tree to hear more from Pasty on how she can help you develop creativity and confidence.


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