Podcast Episode 127: My Newest Book and a Surprise Opportunity

Apr 5, 2014 | Podcasts

In the Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

On this week’s episode, I talk about the release of The Seven Decisions and how you can win a Kamado Joe grill.


We did an episode a few weeks ago on the Kamado Joe, and ended with saying that we wanted to have a Kamado Joe giveaway. Well, we have done it.


Anyone who pre-orders The Seven Decisions and sends us their receipt will be entered in a drawing for their very own Joe in either black or brick red.
    •    You can be entered in the contest as many times as you can order a book.
    •    Each entry must have a different receipt.
    •    You can order 25 books in one order, but you will only be entered once.
    •    Order 25 books separately and you will be entered 25 times.
    •    Pre-orders must be before May 6, 2014.
    •    If we receive enough entries, the drawing will be for more than one winner.


The Seven Decisions is a re-release of Mastering the Seven Decisions.
    •    The book has updated content and a new cover.
    •    The reason it is being released again is because, when it originally came out as Mastering the Seven Decisions, nobody was reading my books!


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